Steven and Superfriends – The Gobcast, Episode 1.

Hello and welcome to a “side-project” if you will of the Salt Mine. The Salt Mine is not over but just on a mini-break. Steve sits down with the mods from the Goblin’s Discord, GoblinLackey1, Olaf Forkbeard and ScatmanX and talk about the best tribe in the format that we call Legacy.



Goblin Discord Link:

Source thread:

Jon Sonne’s Tournament Report and list:

Jim Davis’ most recent list:

Tannon Grace Tweet:

Jonathan Alexander’s article on beating Storm (and combo):

Oath of Ghouls:

Marcelo and the unbelievable comeback:

Eli and the unbelievable win against UB Omni (Skip to 1.08.54)

Pre-intro: Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan – SCG Baltimore Round 6B
Intro: Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy – Gloryhammer
 Goblins’ Song – Spellblast

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